Catholic Church hijacks Marriage Equality Facebook Campaign.

Lols. Oh girls, can we come up with something more original?? The desperateness of the Catholic church is really starting to show. 

After 3 million Facebook users changed their Facebook profile photo to support marriage equality with a red HRC equal sign, The Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco came up with their own rip off version.

Using the Red square with images such as, a plus sign, a division sign and a “man + woman = child’” icon.

After a petition was started to get the Archdiocese to remove its divisive images, the division symbol was taken down, but the others remain.

How petty and sad that the Church is now ripping off the LGBT in order to fuel their dying quest to rid the world of homo’s. But entertaining i must say :)


via Catholic Church Rips Off Marriage Equality Facebook Campaign With Red Division Sign / Queerty.

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