Tennessee Bigot Bill: “Don’t Say Gay” bill dies, again.

For the second time, Anti-gay bigot Stacey Campfield’s (to the left, to the left) Don’t say Gay Bill has died again in Tennessee, after  lawmakers failed to pass a measure which would ban elementary and middle-school teachers from discussing homosexuality and mandate counseling to students who believe that they are gay.

As reported by the Associated Press:

The House sponsor, Republican Rep. John Ragan of Oak Ridge, had planned to amend the legislation to require principals or counselors to identify students who might be a potential threat, but he never got a chance to do so.

The amended version would have been quite different than the Senate proposal, which sought to give schools the authority to inform parents about children who talk to school officials about their sexuality.

“I’m disappointed,” Ragan said. “I thought it was a good bill. It was about school safety.”

Saftey? From what? The big bad homosexuals descending on schools and indoctrinating the children?

via Tennessee “Don’t Say Gay” bill dies, again – Salon.com.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac03-29-2013

    egad, when sissies are a threat the world is tenuous.

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