Restaurant replaces Chipotle, and Sponsors Utah Scout-O-Rama, but with a twist.

Chipotle recently pulled out of the Utah Boy Scouts’ Scout-O-Rama because of their ban on gays.

So a few local restaurants, Winger’s Roadhouse Grill, Utah Sports Lodge and Madeline’s Steakhouse decided they would sponsor the event. However Winger’s decided to do the honorable thing:

But Winger’s—a Western chain affiliated with TGI Friday’s—is hedging its bet by donating an equal amount to the Utah Pride Center’s annual Queer Prom on April 20.

“We believe in the scouting program and believe it offers life skills to people,” said Winger’s President Curt Gray. “We believe most of all in non-prejudice and non-discrimination. We’re not trying to take a huge political stand here, but we tell this to our staff often and we thought we should put our money where our mouth is.”

Gray commented that both organizations help to support and build leaders. The Center helps young gays, he said, who are “bullied and too often rejected by family and peers.”


The leaders of the BSA organization should be ASHAMED of themselves. The only people they are hurting are the children. Such selfish pricks. It is never “about the kids”, it is always about their personal hate.

via Winger’s Grill Replaces Chipotle As Sponsor Of Utah Scout-O-Rama / Queerty.

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