Puerto Rico ATM spits out homophobic receipts.

courtesy of Pedro Julio Serreno

courtesy of Pedro Julio Serreno

I mean really? An ATM in Puerto Rico does not like fags. El Ocho de Blanco, a bar in San Juan, printed a receipt will a homophobic message printed at the bottom ” We hate fags” . The bar and ATM company is claiming that they had no part in it.

El Ocho de Blanco posted on their  Facebook page that they shut the ATM off and contacted it’s owner, ATM Mobile Services, according to Primera Hora. Jorge Torres, president of the ATM company had this to say:

“someone from the outside gained access to the system and programming of the machine.” Torres said his company did not intentionally offend the LGBT community and would upgrade its ATM security to make sure nothing like this would happen in the future.

Sounds like the nasty prank of a homophobic ATM technician. Unreal…


via Puerto Rico ATM Prints Homophobic Receipt.

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