N.Y. Art Student’s Fridge of Jizz art project confiscated.

 Marc Bradly Johnson, an MFA student at New York’s School of Visual Arts, decided that filling 68 vials of his own semen, putting them in a refrigeration and advertising  it on Craigslist would be a great thesis project and i couldn’t agree more.

However administrators at SVA temporarily confiscated the fridge of jiz. Claiming “health concerns” of course. 

“I’ve been working on this for months,” Johnson told Daily Intelligencer, “Somewhat ironically – it’s just masturbating and calling it artwork.” He said his professors were well aware and that he’d shown the work multiple times in class critiques. “This isn’t unprecedented,” he said. “There is plenty of bio-hazardous work in the art world.”

Masturbating and calling it work? HOT! He’s cute too. Check out his Facebook page, complete with pics in his undies.

Johnson even made some concessions before the project’s debut last Friday, agreeing to microwave the samples before placing them on display and giving them away. “You can only microwave for eight seconds before it bubbles over the container,” Johnson said. “The semen is dead. The swimmers are not swimming”

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via Manhattan Art School Confiscates Refrigerator Full of Semen From Student.

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