Guy arrested for allegedly attacking roommate after he drew penises on his face.

James Denham Watson, a 31-year-old  apparently had a bit to much to drink over the weekend and passed out, only to wake up and find he had a case of  dick face.

Like any frat pad, his roommate allegedly thought it would be a hoot and a holla to draw some penises on Watson’s face. However Watson did not like the joke.

From ARLnow:

Police say that Watson, suspecting his roommate, ran upstairs to where the roommate was sleeping and jumped on top of him, repeatedly punching him in the face. The commotion awakened a third roommate, who managed to separate the two.

The victim reportedly waited about an hour and a half to call the police while deciding whether or not to press charges. He did end up calling for help and police charged Watson with malicious wounding. The injured man’s eye was swollen shut and bleeding, so the third roommate drove him to the hospital for treatment, according to police.

The local ABC affiliate reports that the Watson was subsequently arrested, charged with malicious wounding, is being held without bond.

via This Guy Allegedly Assaulted His Roommate for Drawing Dicks on His Face, Was Booked with Penis on His Cheek.

Photo courtesy of Arlington County Police Department]

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    Jim Hlavac03-27-2013

    Yeesh, the heterosexual lifestyle! Man, it sure is dangerous.

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