Gay activist badly beaten by neo-Nazi on TV over gay pride ban in Russia.

kalininbeatenbigx400As LGBT acceptance moves at a record pace in the U.S., there are other countries such as Russia who are moving just as fast in the OPPOSITE direction and it is extremely disturbing. 

Russian city Syktyvkar announced that its banning a planned gay-pride parade.

In a statement released yesterday (25 March) the authorities explained that the ban on pride, which was planned for 31 March, was put in place in response to ‘requests from the city’s religious and public organizations not to allow public events promoting homosexual values’.

Because their religious “values” which promote discrimination, should be held with higher regard?

Mayor Ivan Pozdeyev is pushing for city lawmakers to draft law banning any similar events.

 LGBT activist and organizer of pride, was beaten on live TV by a neo-Nazi  Alex Kolegov,, in front of the journalists.

When Kalinin referred during the interview to Kolegov as a Nazi, the latter pushed him to the ground and severely beat him.

Journalists rushed to pull Kolegov off Kalinin, who was badly bruised.

‘This incident will not change my decision’ said Kalinin, ‘We are going to hold pride in spite of everything’.

via Gay activist badly beaten as Russian city bans pride | Gay Star News.

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