Anti-gay Cardinal Keith O’Brien Admits to Inappropriate Sexual allegations.

cardinalobrienThis must be a first. A high ranking catholic scumbag admits he did something wrong. 

I posted last week that Cardinal Keith O’Brien who is (now was) the head of the Catholic Church in Scotland had resinged over allegations that he made inappropriate sexual advances to newly younger priests. Well now the anti-gay mega monster has ADMITTED that they allegations are true.

“I wish to take this opportunity to admit that there have been times that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal,” O’Brien, who is noted for his antigay remarks, said in a statement posted online today, The New York Times reports. He also offered an apology and said he will play no further public role in the church.

O’Brien called gays, Immoral and  a ‘grotesque subversion,’”

I guess he can now admit that he is part of that immoral and grotesque subversion group of society. Now maybe he can move in with “retired” Pope Benedict and they can live in sin together happily ever after.

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  1. Papi

    Societal norms and attitudes change; human behavior, not so much. Sexuality is innate; sexual expression and definition are learned. The issue with organized religions is NOT that the churches are hypocritical per se, but rather that they follow rules, regulations and interpretations that are archaic and not directly relevant to human behavior as we know it. Additionally, church law and its interpretation are the direct result of historical self–preservation either by the church or a particular historical figure. Hence, organized religions are not equipped to deal with all aspects of the human psyche and all levels of human development are simplified and regimented as if this compartmentalization would create stability as opposed to what it is really doing–causing people to act out in rebellion. There have always been gay people, straight people, asexual people, drag queens, those with differing sexual proclivities and bisexuals despite the fact that there have not always been then-current terms to describe them. Organized religion has focused mainly on curtailing certain behaviors as a “cure” for sin. It would benefit organized religions if they focused rather on the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” This one rule is universally recognized by all major religions. In short, don’t judge a man by how big his dick is, with whom he sleeps, what he wears, how much money he makes or what his politics may be: a man is defined by how much he contributes to his community. Hence, a gay black man in drag with a three inch dick and fifty cents in his pocket may just be the man to teach your kids BECAUSE he is loving and caring and giving and honest and is always there to help a neighbor in need. While I agree that many people within the church are misinterpreting “God’s word,” I don’t agree that all members of an organized religion are sinners and hypocrites.

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