Singer/actor Lord Jamar goes all homophobic on Kanye West’s skirt wearing…

If this wasn’t so homophobic, detrimental to young people and IGNORANT, it would be boring. However like I have said a million times before, there is nothing more reprehensible than a black person being bigoted and promoting hate against another minority group. I.e., the LGBT.

Lord Jamar of the ’90s political-minded hip-hop group Brand Nubian, um, who the hell are they? decided to give his two cents (of brains that is) on Kanye West wearing a skirt at the 12-12-12 benefit show at Madison Square Garden. On his new single,”Lift Up Your Skirt” Jamar spews the words of hate:

Somebody mad at my hashtag
Black man lookin’ half a fag
With a blazer and vest
I’m just amazed at the mess
Pioneer of this queer shit is Kanye West
He introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene
Then he wore a fucking skirt on the video screen
Then he wore it again at a memorial
I can’t pretend that this shit ain’t deplorable
I bet this nigga thinkin’ he looking adorable
Your music’s good but your ego is horrible

Jamar goes on to say:

I rebuke all this gay shit
Some are scared to say shit
You might lay and take this
But I’m not to be played with

Jamar tried to brilliantly clarify himself a week before by having this to say:

First of all, it’s not just jabs at Kanye West. It’s anybody promoting the feminization — of the Black man in hip-hop culture. Anybody that I see out there, rocking dresses and all of that type of shit, I might shoot a jab at. But Kanye is one of the ones right now that’s representing that movement. He’s one of the first ones that you see in a skirt. Now you got other people following suit and rocking full-out dresses or they’re trying to rock kilts. We’re not Irish. We’re not Europeans. Rocking kilts and all that is just another excuse to introduce that skirt style. You understand what I’m saying? And I’m not with it. This has nothing to do with sexuality, who they choose to be with and all that, I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking specifically about, what is hip-hop? And that’s not hip-hop. Rocking dresses with mean faces, that’s not hip-hop.

Yes we get what your saying- only a man who is insecure with his own sexuality would make such homophobic and ignorant statements. Not to mention writing a hate driven song.

p.s. Jamar acted on the HBO prison series OZ. which was full of nothing but gay sex, gay relationships and male on male rape…but I guess collecting the cash was more important than “rebuking all this gay shit”


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