Judge’s ruling allows John Travolta massage sex scandal allegations to go forward

A judge has made a ruling that allows JT’s cruise ship massage suite to go forward.

On Friday the judge denied an argument by Travolta’s attorneys that his ticket for the 2009 Royal Caribbean cruise liner included an agreement to settle all disputes between a passenger and the company in arbitration.

cruise ship steward Fabian Zanzi sued Travolta last June — claiming the actor exposed his penis in his stateroom and forcibly embraced Zanzi after asking him for a neck massage.

In Friday’s ruling, the judge basically said there’s no evidence Zanzi is bound by the arbitration agreement between Travolta and Royal Caribbean.

This can go to trial, however i smell settlement.

Travolta’s attorney has called Zanzi’s suit a “ludicrous” attempt to grab “15 minutes of fame” — and believes Travolta will be “completely vindicated in court.”

The part about his ticket included an agreement to settle all disputes between passenger and company in arbitration is bizarro to me. I did not know that tickets like that even exist. In my eyes, if u have to get that kind of ticket, what potential Shitz are u already planning?

Update: two days after the judge made this ruling the case was mysteriously (wink wink) dropped. No word on why or if there was a settlement. The smell of Benjamins is wafting though the air ;)



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