Here comes the gay Jersey Shore: Gay Guidos and Guidettes needed.

As if the A-List NY & Dallas did not embarrass the gay community enough, now comes casting for a new “reality” show gay version of the Jersey Shore. Omg. this is a double whammy for me because I am a mo and a ginny. I guess that would be a MOGINNY. Haven’t both my peoples been persecuted enough? ;)

Back Roads Entertainment is looking for some fist pumping ( fist pumping in the gay world has a whole different meaning) tanning and gym obsessed gay Italians to star in some reality shitz show.  Of course you know i will have to watch the first episode and would love to secretly be on it.

Here is the break down:


Do you fist pump on the dance floor to Lady Gaga and Madonna?

Summer shares in Asbury Park?


A major television company is searching for GLBT guidos and guidettes who have over the top dynamic personalities and strongly identify with their Italian American heritage for an unscripted television series now in development.

all you moginny’s can send your info to [email protected]. And please, use proper English…;)

h/t queerty

via Gay Guidos To Fist-Bump Their Way Onto Reality TV / Queerty.

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