Gay Presidents: Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, James Buchanan?

richard-nixonAfter having 44 presidents in the White House, it is only logical that one or more has dabbled in or have been secretly gay.  The rumors about Lincoln have been around for years, but the alleged gay relationship Nixon had with Bebe Robozo, an alleged mob fixer have only surfaced in the last few years. These photos look awfully limp wristed to me. Nixon was such a sour puss he reeks of an uptight queen. Bebe was also by Nixon’s side when he passed away. Wink wink.

In the slideshow below check out the details behind the rumors that have long swirled about Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon and James Buchanan, as well as 12 other historical figures.

via Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, James Buchanan And Other Famous Figures Rumored To Be Gay.






a little slap and tickle on the ole behind…

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