Gay man gets applause for giving Anti-gay Subway “Preacher” the smack down.

UntitledOnly in NY. Over the weekend, some cracked out crazy ignorant bigot, decided to preach anti-gay hate to a subway car full of people. Did he really think he could get away with this? A gay passenger fought back word for word and received a round of applause from the fellow passengers. All kidding aside, it is actually an inspiring moment.

After spewing remark after remark, something about breasts and having a penis ( i couldn’t make it out) he claimed that he was gonna tell Obama that he is wrong about supporting the gays ( like crazy crack smoker could even get to Pennsylvania avenue) Our gay of the day, told the entire train that crazy girl was an ignorant bigot.

“I’m a good man,” “And I’m a gay man. And Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me!”

Crazy better watch out with his rants, NY is having a big issue with people getting thrown to the subway tracks as of late. All it takes is crossing another crazy and he won’t have worry about telling Obama nothin’. ;)  I wait on the stairs if i have to take the subway…

I give our gay a lot of credit, i would have lasted about 2 seconds and then just kicked her in the nuts..;)

Watch below. It’s great. 


via Homophobic Subway Preacher Gets Verbally Destroyed by Gay Straphanger, Much to the Other Riders’ Delight.

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