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  • If anyone is still against Same-Sex Marriage after this video, they should be ashamed of themselves.


    Minnesota lawmakers met yesterday to introduce legislation that would make same-sex marriage legal in the state. Many people got up and spoke but none as memorable as Paul Melchert and James Zimmerman and their twin boys. Melchert, a pediatrician by trade, spoke out in support …

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  • Obama asks Supreme to Court to dismantle Prop 8.

    OBAMAX400 1

    I can assure you that douchebag Romney would have filed the complete opposite brief.  As he did in the DOMA case before the Supreme Court, Obama asked the court to do away with Prop 8. President Obama met today’s deadline and filed a “friend of the court” …

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  • Boo! Fire Island BANS Nude Sunbathing after Complaints.

    F.I. officials have banned a gay staple on the summer get away hot spot. And we think it SUCKS.  Fire Island National Seashore authorities are planning to enforce laws banning all natural sun bathing. The surging popularity of Lighthouse Beach in particular has led to …

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  • Andrew Sullivan continues to questions Popes alleged ‘limp wrist’.

    As you know from reading this site, my distaste (trying to keep it classy after a glass of pino g.) for Pope Benedict , is beyond epic proportions. So reading articles or op-eds that dismantle the demon seed, puts a little halo on my day. Gay political blogger …

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  • The body of openly gay murdered mayoral candidate Found.

    Marco Mcmillianx4001

    Sad.  Investigators believe they have found the body of Marco McMillian, the openly gay politician who was running for mayor of Clarksdale, Miss. It is believed that Marco gave a ride to somebody who then killed him and dumped his body along a rivers edge. Read …

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  • Scumbag Prop 8 supporter Meg Whitman joins Republican brief in support of gay marriage.

    A bunch of Republicans have lent their support to a legal brief saying that the gays have a constitutional right to marry. The group will submit the document to the Supreme Court this week as an amicus brief in of support striking down Proposition 8, …

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  • Daytona winner Jimmie Johnson does NOT pee in his car.

    Only TMZ asks the tough questions. Well, actually the questions we really want to know the answers to. Speed racer hottie, Jimmie Johnson was in NY after his big win and was asked how he pees during the long race. Although he holds it, some …

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  • Happy Rump day.

    Love the position.

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  • Bathroom Stall sex seeker Larry Craig may have illegally used funds for defense.

    Craig was arrested, if you recall, back in June of 2007 for lewd conduct in a men’s bathroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. The closet case was playing footies and sticking his hand under the next stall over trying to get the man to do …

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  • NOM’S Brian Brown to Receive Honorary Degree..For what?

    Brian Brown 300x248

    Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage, is set to receive a di(k in his a$$ an honorary degree from, wait for it- The Coalition of African American Pastors. Lols! He might as well receive one from Christian Mingle, because that is about what that …

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