Soderbergh Says Studios said his Liberace biopic was too GAY…Wtf?

A Liberace biography that is “too gay”? Especially in this day and age?

Director Steven Soderbergh says ‘ Behind the Candelabra’ had to air on HBO because film studios refused to make it because it was too ‘Nancy’ limp wristed for them?

Soderbergh,tells The New York Post he was blown away by what the studios said.

“Nobody would make it. We went to everybody in town. They said it was too gay,” Soderbergh told the paper. “And this is after Brokeback Mountain, by the way, which is not as funny as this movie. I was stunned. It made no sense to any of us.”

Soderbergh is right. It is amazing that in 2013, with all the advancements the LGBT community has made that, i.e. this past election with gay marriage be passes by votes in  a couple of states and anti-gay marriage amendment bill being voted against, that a movie about one of the GAYEST entertainers would be rejected for it’s content. But what is truly more disturbing is that Hollywood is run by GAYS and this movie could not get made?

I mean was there anything gayer than Brokeback? Need i remind you all of the tent sex scene? The spit on the palm? Gurl!

Behind the Candelabra stars Michael Douglas as the closeted entertainer and Matt Damon as his younger lover. The film will air on HBO in the spring. Read more here.

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  1. dodi

    Who wrote this rubbish! Liberace was not a singer….he was without doubt the world’s most famous pianist. How do idiots that don’t know popular history get these jobs!

    • Izzoiz

      lols…typo, calm down girl…

  2. dodi

    I don’t think the word closeted is right either. Although he never publicly addmitted he was Gay he was with out doubt the most flamboyant and outreagous entertainer to this day, that hardly describes closeted

    • Izzoiz

      He was closeted from the public which was due to the way our society viewed gays at the time. He was also closeted in areas of his private life.

  3. dodi

    I have been a Drag Queen performing in nightclubs and some mainstream theatre for well over 30 years. I know what that time was like I lived it.

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