Shaquille O’Neal cartoon post sparks complaints of homophobia…

The drama never ends. OMG. 

Shaquille O’Neal has caused a bit of controversy from what i hear after posting a cartoon depicting men peeing at a urinal etiquette   that some perceive as homophobic.

On Wednesday, O’Neal posted a cartoon about proper peeing protocol at the urinal. In the drawing, one man uses the urinal directly next to another man, even though many others are available. “This is an automatic fight in my book…….LMFAO,” O’Neal wrote.

some did not take to kindly to the sketch. 

“Glad to know you like to start hate dialogue against gay people shaq just lost a fan here,” one wrote.

Now before we get all cracked out crazy, Shaq has been a friend of Dorothy’s:

In October 2011, O’Neal partnered with the NBA and the American Federation of Teachers for GLAAD’s “Amplify Your Voice!” PSA series against bullying.

“The NBA and Shaquille O’Neal are changing the landscape of sports by reminding players and fans that homophobia and anti-gay bullying are unacceptable – whether on the court, or in the classroom,” Mike Thompson, acting president of GLAAD, said at the time.

In my personal Izzo opinion, like being the only one on a deserted beach when some douche has to come lay 5 feet from you, i could slap a guy who chooses the pisser next to me when there is a whole row. Unless of course he is hot and i want a peek…;) But seriously, i doubt Shaq meant any harm by the cartoon…

via Shaquille O’Neal Peeing Facebook Post Spurs Anti-Gay Responses (PHOTO).

  1. Frank

    There is a point to be made about respecting personal space and for those who are pee-shy, having someone move in so close may make the task difficult….however, it is the commentary that makes the post homophobic and even violent: “an automatic fight” seems provocative.

    • Izzoiz

      I feel the same….

  2. lucifer

    I have seen this before and it is not from him, he might have posted it but i don’t he is a PHOBE.

  3. Michael

    Maybe he meant a “Cock Fight”

    • Izzoiz


  4. SteveDenver

    There are YouTube videos of guys pranking other guys by choosing the urinal right next to them when the row is empty. This isn’t homophobia, it’s wanting the most privacy available in a setting many really dislike.

    • Izzoiz

      i agree!

  5. Matt the Bruins fan
    Matt the Bruins fan01-05-2013

    I have to agree, it throws me off peeing right next to a guy unless it’s a friend I’m comfortable with. This is why I always wait to use a stall. Has nothing to do with homophobia, it’s a personal space issue.

    • Izzoiz


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