Judge rules in favor of Melissa Etheridge in settlement issue…

220px-MelissaEtheridgeGuitarHWoFSept2011Melissa Etheridge who has been involved in a legal battle over a settlement with her ex- domestic partner Tammy Lynn Michaels, just scored a victory in court as the judge ruled the settlement was valid and binding. Michaels was trying to get the settlement changed.

According to TMZ , the settlement goes like this … Melissa must pay Tammy $13,000 a month in spousal support and $10,000 a month in child support.  They have agreed to joint custody.

Melissa gets to keep some property in Springdale, Arizona, Hidden Hills, California, and somewhere in Arkansas.

As for Tammy, she gets 50% of the royalties from the album, The Awakening.  Tammy also gets 50% from the songs, A Simple Love, All There Is, All We Can Really Do, An Unexpected Rain, California, God is in the People, Heroes and Friends,  Imagine That, I’ve Loved You Before, Map of the Stars, Message to Myself, Open Your Minds, The Kingdom of Heaven, The Universe Listened, Threesome, and What Happens Tomorrow.

It’s a shame when break ups have to get messy…


via Melissa Etheridge to Tammy Lynn: The Settlement Sticks, Baby! | TMZ.com.

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