James Franco doesn’t care if you think he is gay…Rumors haven’t changed since high school…

Franco says that gay rumors about him were started in high school by some mean girls for whatever reason and they have followed him since.

“In high school these girls got mad at me and so they spread this rumor that I was having a gay relationship with one of my closest friends. And they even made up a little dance they would do in the girl’s locker room about me being gay. I still don’t know what the dance was.”

About recent rumors he had this to say: “It wasn’t like it was anything new,” “And in fact, it wasn’t something that frightened me, like if people think that, it’s fine. I really don’t care.”

Franco has been promoting his updated version of the the Al Pacino 1980 flick ‘Cruising’, recently at Sundance. For those of you who know nothing about the film and i can’t imagine a gay out there doesn’t, Pacino played a cop that goes undercover in the New York BDSM gay scene to hunt down a serial killer and gets caught up and tied up ;) in the lifestyle.  

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via James Franco is Exploring Sexuality and He’s OK if You Think He’s Gay | Advocate.com.

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