Anti-gay mega-monster Maggie Gallagher finally SHUTS her mouth for good…There is a God!


Well almost for good…

The new year could not have started off better. The vile human being that is known as Maggie Gallagher the founder of one of the most vicious anti-gay HATE GROUPS, The National Organization for Marriage, has decided to shut her foul mouth  and end her long running 17 year syndicated advice column. Announcing that she is giving up optimism for hope.

Hope? It sounds like, Gallagher has finally realized that the tides of gay acceptance has changed and she is fighting a loosing battle. 

Gallager’s column focused on conservatism and had many anti-gay tirades. And believe it me it won’t be missed. 

“On every key measure, marriage is weaker,” she writes. “The consequences are more obviously unsustainable, yet culturally powerful voices are less willing to engage, and the power of porn and Hollywood to create our norms for family life is more triumphant than ever.”

In her last column  she puts part of her focus on young men playing video games and watching porn which makes them not “marriageable” and that they believe casual sex is “good enough”….It is dumb bitch.  Part of your problem is that you have never tried it. But then again who would eff such as despicable person?

“Without a powerful ideal of masculinity that points men toward marriage and fatherhood, more and more young men are deciding the hard work of becoming marriageable is not worth it: Porn, beer, video games with the guys, freedom and fleeting sexual encounters are good enough.

The most urgent overlooked need is the deep need of boys for masculine ideals. If civilization refuses to provide any, porn and video-game makers will step in to fill the gap.

Why should young men work hard to become protectors and defenders of women and children when American culture — and women — tells them they are not needed in either role?”

Is this the speech you gave to your out of wedlock oldest son?

Gallagher seems to believe marriage is not pleasant — for straights or gays — but must be endured: “Men and women are different. A society that pretends otherwise is not going to raise boys to be loving, reliable family men. Marriage is about settling for less but raising up an ideal much bigger and more important even than the most urgent whispered promises of romantic love.”

I will say though, Maggie has been looking a little worse for wear the last few years. Do a Google image search on her, you will see quite a difference in her appearance. I think the defeat and all that hate was taking a toll on her…And trust me, i have no mercy for her- you get what you give…

What is that song from the Wizard of Oz? Ding dong the witch is_ _ _ _…

Oh and a shout out to my fellow Westport CT and anti-gay foe and lets not forget former NOM board member-Kenneth Von Kohorn, don’t loose to many tears over Maggies exit, she will still be writing for her personal website… Kissezzzzz….


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  1. lucifer


    • Jeremiah

      she loves pussy

    • RVisagie

      By the looks of her, her attitude is propably based on the fact that no human would want to have sex with her at all – for that reason she had to choose a demographic she could victimise in order to remove attention from her…. Ugly biatch…

  2. Get Over Yourself
    Get Over Yourself01-07-2013

    Her articles and books are very well written unlike a certain “Blogger” who seems to target everyone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as he does.

    • Izzoiz

      i don’t know who the eff you are. but i suspect you are a self loathing bitter gay man, who loves to bait people. As we all know Gallagher does nothing but spreads hate and made her life’s mission to deny LGBT people equality. If you are a gay man, shame on you for defending such a hate monger and i pity your self loathing. I have read Gallagher’s articles and i would not describe them as “well written”, however like art, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

      lastly, every time you comment on this blog it is negative and results in some kind of slam against the articles i post. Let me make this clear. I have never claimed to be a “journalist”, this blog was created to expose and go after the ignorant bigots that use their power to deny LGBT people rights. If the articles that are posted here bother you so much then why the fuck do you keep coming back? Although i am not a medical professional, i would suggest you have some deep rooted personal issues you need to resolve. Now, “Get over yourself”…

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