2012 Grindr awards…Anderson Cooper and Obama top the list…

Grindr_Best_Of_2012_AwardsGrindr has released it’s results of 2012 best in the the gay world. The results are voted on by users. And that is a lot of traffic…

“Grindr guys are always at the forefront of what’s trending and impacting gay culture,” said Joel Simkhai, Founder and CEO of Grindr. “With their fingers on the pulse on what’s important and impressing them the most, our guys are watching Modern Family, getting their gossip from TMZ and rocking out to ‘Call Me Maybe.’ In addition, they’ve chosen some significant gay icons from 2012, including Anderson Cooper and Orlando Cruz for his famous and inspirational coming-out story.”

Gay icon of the year: Anderson Cooper

Straight ally of the year: Barack Obama

Best TV show: Modern Family

Best TV host: Ellen DeGeneres

Best source for gossip: TMZ

TIE for best comedian: Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho

Best athlete: Orlando Cruz

Movie of the year: Magic Mike

Song of the year: “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Gadget of the year: iPhone 5

Grindr also polled major U.S. cities to get their local top bartenders, gay bars, DJ’s etc… click below to check out the results…

via Anderson Cooper Scores Big On Grindr…Or At Least Its Best Of 2012 Awards / Queerty.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac01-14-2013

    This is false logically: “Grindr guys are always at the forefront of what’s trending and impacting gay culture,”” — what’s true is that Grindr guys are at the forefront of grindr gay culture, without a doubt. But for the scads of gays without grindr and no desire for this unknown thing (I hear its an app of some sort) we are at the forefront of our part of the gay culture. Since, true too, there is no overwhelming all-gays-are-in-this gay culture, I wouldn’t even really wish to speak of “gay culture” as one thing anyway. I’ve lived in Manhattan, I’ve lived in San Francisco, I’ve lived in Rural Louisiana — gay cultures are quite different, I assure you. Why, when I moved from Manhattan to Lake Charles, La I discovered that Bagel Brunch on Broadway meant absolutely nothing, while I had yet to discover that a sucking heads and pinching tales referred to crawfish and not the waiter.

    Other than that, I’m certainly glad that the motivated grindr voters determined for their small subset of the gay American culture what their favorites are, but the gay Mexicans I know are on a whole ‘nother page; and Lord knows where Filipino gays are in their segment of the “gay culture.” We’re worldwide, don’t you know.

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