University settles lawsuit & pays $75,000 to counseling student Julea Ward…Who refused to counsel gays…

Eastern Michigan University said that it has settled a lawsuit filed Julea Ward after the former student was dismissed from the master’s degree counseling program because she refused to counsel gay people because it was against her “religious” beliefs…Shes a “Christian” after all, y’all…

“EMU has made the decision that is in the best interest of its students and the taxpayers of the state of Michigan to resolve the litigation rather than continue to spend money on a costly trial,” said Walter Kraft, EMU’s vice president for communications, in a written statement.

“The matter has been resolved in the amount of $75,000. The university’s insurance company, M.U.S.I.C. (Michigan Universities Self-Insurance Corporation), will pay the cost of the settlement.”

I understand the Universities decision  i mean lets face it the amount of money spent on a trial can be better spent. However i do think they should have taken her ass to court and showed a bigot what ignorance and discrimination looks like. Settling this particular case does not set a good example for people of her ilk…

The lawsuit was filed in April 2009 by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of Julea Ward, who was in the  Graduate School Counseling Program, training to become counselor for a K-12 . Ward claimed the university booted her ass because she would not counsel a gay client because of her (get your barf bag) beliefs.

The university said she was dismissed for not following the American Counseling Association’s code of ethics….Praise JEEEZUSSSS…

I always love it when a member of a minority group discriminates. Stupidity is priceless. And this girl was in college??

via EMU to pay $75,000 to counseling student Julea Ward who refused to counsel gay client | Michigan news | Detroit Free Press |

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  1. johnny

    She ain’t stupid, She smart. She got $75,000 without workin for it. She got game. Get dat money gurl!

    • Izzoiz

      any minority that practices discrimination is despicably ignorant…

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