The Mexicans are coming after Boy George…

Lols…Bi George…According to BG, he is being unfraily attacked after a message he tweeted was translated incorrectly. 

George announced  he would be blocking “mostly Mexicans” from contacting him on the social network … after he was blasted with hate-mail from our neighbors down south.

George had earlier this week … saying, “Mexico has a hot new president and I hope he is good for the country!”

but the tweet was MISQUOTED by several Mexican media outlets – which translated the tweets to: “So the Mexican president is a tyrant. Well, if that’s true Mexico needs good wishes.”

Oh my…

His rep says it  ”George has no political motivation or even knows anything about the candidates involved or their history, it was simply a good luck to the whole country.”

I bet he wishes he was a karma chameleon now…


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