Piers Morgan tells Anti-gay Rick Warren, To Amend The Bible To Allow Gay Marriage…

Well I may not have anything to slam the papal-smear today but this target is just as good. Rick Warren the d-bag leader of the mega anti-gay Saddleback Church in Lake Forest Cali, was challenged by Piers to change the bible to allow gay marriage. But the big old queen was not having it. And she believes that nothing new is true…Confused? read on…

In a Christmas Eve interview (why he would have this bigot on Christmas Eve is beyond me ;) Morgan told warn out Warren that the  Bible and the Constitution are “basically inherently flawed” documents. 

Morgan argued that the Bible should be amended to reflect changing cultural viewpoints, in particular gay marriage.

“Both the Bible and the Constitution are well-intentioned but they are basically inherently flawed,” Morgan said. “Hence, the need to amend it.”

“Not a chance,” Warren replied. “What I believe is flawed is human opinion, because it constantly changes.”

“But you and I know the Bible is, in many places, a flawed document,” Morgan continued. “My point to you about gay rights for example – it’s time for an amendment to the Bible.”

“You should compile a new Bible,” Morgan declared.

“I do not believe the Bible is flawed,” Warren said. “And I willingly admit, willingly admit that I base my worldview on the Bible, which I believe is true, and truth. My definition of truth is if it’s new, it’s not true. It it was true 1,000 years ago, it’ll be true 1,000 years from today.”

“Opinion changes, but truth doesn’t,” he added.

Honey, you would not know the truth if a dildo slammed it into your ass. ;) Happy Sunday!!!!

“We’re going to agree to disagree on that,” Morgan said.


via Piers Morgan To Rick Warren: Amend The Bible To Allow Gay Marriage – On Top Magazine | Gay news & entertainment.

  1. Bobby

    Rick Warren is an idiot. He’s also fat. The Bible says fat people should die.

    • Izzoiz

      you are right, he is a complete idiot!

  2. Peter

    If you believe in God than you need to understand that God did not write the Bible: flawed human beings did. They were “divinely inspired” you say? How would you know? Most religions are based on similar base elements designed to control others’ behavior, nothing more. The Bible is full of parables, not truths. Only a weak-minded fool like this believes it to be the truth. What an ass.

    • Izzoiz

      right on!

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