Pathetic: NOM poses as gay to fight gay marriage…OMG…

The  National Organization For Marriage which is headed by the two little pigs that are Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown, has pulled the ultimate desperate dementia induced move by buying domain names that make it look like gays are even against gay marriage. And of course the got caught at the trough! 

NOM has been buying up the following domain names in their last ditch efforts of their failing crusade to stop gay marriage. 

And since i am in my home town of  Westport CT, at the moment, this post is a special shout out to anti-gay NOM/ Family Institute of Connecticut member and CT resident Kenneth Von Kohorn, Happy holidays, HATER…;)

via NOM Exposed | Human Rights Campaign.

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac12-10-2012

    Hahaha — and where do they propose to share these links? In the gay press? Perhaps on this site, they could take an ad, or on queerty, etc, and the rest of our sites. Who do they think their readership will be? Where will they get material — well, real stuff, not stuff fabricated in the minds of whackos. Egad, what mind numbing stupidity. That the names were available speaks volumes.

    And now, I suppose we’ll have to grab “” or something — oh, many can play the game, if so inclined. Why,I’d bet “ is available right now!

    Petard, hoist.

    • Izzoiz
      Izzoiz12-10-2012…priceless! love it. we should!

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