Paintings of Islamic Clerics in gay situations enrage Pakistani Isalmic extremists…LOLS

People are crazeeee. Well let consider the subjects. Extremist in Pakistan have their dresses in a twist and are threatening violence over a series of paintings that depict Islamic Clerics in suggestive gay scenarios. 

Officials at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan, shut down the Journal of Contemporary Art, which published the paintings by artist Muhammad Ali in a summer edition. School officials also removed all issues of the journal from campus bookstores and dissolved the journal’s editorial board after the images sparked threats of violence from Islamic extremists, according to the AP. A court is reportedly considering whether the artist, the journal’s editorial board, and the school’s headmaster can be charged with blasphemy.

“The college’s decision to cave to Islamist pressure underscores how space for progressive thought is shrinking in Pakistan as hardline interpretations of Islam gain ground,” reports Asif Shahzad for the AP. “It was also a marked change for an institution that has long been one of the leading defenders of liberal views in the country.”

But Asaim Akhtar, an art critic who wrote an essay accompanying the images when they appeared in theJournal, told the AP the artist intentionally mixed images that were “deliberately, violently profane,” in an effort to challenge “homophobic” beliefs  that run rampant in Pakistani society.

I think the photos are HOT! Islamic extremists are nothing but animals. No, i take that back. That is insulting to animals. 

via AP News: Paintings outrage Islamic hard-liners in Pakistan.

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