Man’s has penis removed after injecting it with olive oil to make it larger…

Apparently there is an epidemic in Thailand with men trying to increase their penis size, so much so that about 40 men a month are admitted to the hospital with infections after inject crazy remedies in order to measure up…

a 50-year-old man had to have his penis removed after he injected it for years with olive oil.

The man had used an unproven method of injecting oil into his penis, having been told by friends that it would make it bigger.

The practice, which can also involve bees wax, silicone or even paraffin, is common in Thailand and one Bangkok hospital reports that 40 patients a month receive treatment for side-effects.

Men, we are born with what we have. Some are hung and some are not. It is the luck of the draw. Embrace what you have. Remember it is not the size but how you use it…..Power bottoms are exempt from this….;)

via Man’s genitals removed after bid to enlarge his penis by injecting it with olive oil goes wrong | Mail Online.

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