John Travolta’s Alleged Gay Lover sues HIM…

This guy must have some major proof that him and JT were lover boys if he has the bawlz to sue Danny Zuko.

TMZ is reporting that Doug Gotterba, JT’s former pilot and alleged lover is claiming that he never signed a keep your trap shut agreement. 

Gotterba — who claims he served as Travolta’s pilot from 1981 to 1987. Gotterba made headlines recently when he reportedly spoke to the National Enquirer about his “steamy affair” with the actor.

In the suit, Gotterba claims Marty Singer (JT’s attorney)  threatened to sue him for violating a confidentiality agreement he signed when he stopped working for Travolta.

full deets below.

via John Travolta Sued By Alleged Gay Lover — I Never Agreed to Keep Secrets |

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