Idiot: Frank Schubert calls Gingrich “Stupid” for saying Gay Marriage inevitable….

Recently Newt Gingrich announced that he believes gay marriage is inevitable across the U.S.. This of course did not sit well with the bigots and haters, especially Frank Schubert, one of the masterminds behind California’s evil Prop 8. In response to Gingrich’s realization, Schubert made the following STUPID statement: 

Sometimes good men say stupid things, and this is one of those times. Newt Gingrich’s conclusion that gay ‘marriage’ is inevitable is ridiculous. His comments suggest the results of marriage races in Maine, Maryland and Washington, which allowed three deep-blue states to endorse redefining marriage means that it is inevitable.

I wonder if the Speaker also thinks that the Republican Party is doomed and can never again win a national election: After all, marriage performed, on average, 6.6 points better than did the Republican ticket in these very Democratic states.

Gay ‘marriage’ is no more inevitable than is permanent Democratic control of the White House.”

I would say the delusional world that Schubert and is cohorts are living in, is a deeper closet than, Ted Haggard, George Rekers and Larry Craig live in. Any person with an I.Q. of  less than 20 knows that gay marriage is inevitable.

As i always say, people who suffer from homophobia, usually have some deep seated feelings they have repressed.

via Equality Grinch Frank Schubert: Gingrich Is “Stupid” For Acknowledging Gay Marriage / Queerty.

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  1. Darkhog

    Well, Frankie boy, you mine as well get ready for it. Gay marriage will happen.

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