American Psychiatric Association Removes “Gender Identity Disorder”…

The American Psychiatric Association has approved major changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, including the removal of the term “gender identity disorder,” in favor of the more neutral “gender dysphoria.”

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via American Psychiatric Association Officially Removes “Gender Identity Disorder” From DSM / Queerty.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac12-03-2012

    Ah yes, I remember when “homosexuality” was removed as a “sickness”– it was only gay men who were in the term; lesbians were never demented like us, no. — and then this “gender identity disorder” was inserted the next year. Now we were no longer crazy for being gay, just for not knowing which sex/gender we were or wanted — how convenient eh? — progress, I’m told >> the term changed, the crazy remained.

    And then gay groups added “transgendered” to our mix, to assist this new definition (against my vociferous complaint) — and presto, instead of having to just defend gayness I had to begin to say too, “but, I’m not gender confused, and I don’t want to change to be a girl!”

    Frankly, though I know I’m out of sorts with the in crowd on this — what does changing one’s physical sex have to do with being a gay man I don’t know. Not to mention that sex changers when they become physical woman want a man, and can get legally married too. — which, when woman wants man, is hetero — and as I’ve long maintained, transgendered, worthy though they be, are, in fact, heteros in the wrong body, and not related to gayness at all. . And so now, it seems that the gay guys get confused with the T in LGBT, adding to my burden.

    Now I suppose they’ll come up with a new term which I shall have to defend myself against — dysphoria eh? blah. now they send me to a dictionary.

    just blah. We are own worst enemies. Now too I see “Q” = what? make a damn decision, I despise fence sitters. You like dick or you do not — what is to question?

    To add insult to injury gay groups removed “Gay” from their names and became stuff like the HRC

    at this point some 20 years ago I said the hell to one more dime to this mush.

    How many more letters shall we add to the list of people in my alleged “community”? At the rate this is going even Fundamentalist Christian Heteros will be added, and I shall have to be allied with them too — blah to it all —

    Get back to Gay Mens Rights Group, then let me know, crazy or not, at least I shall know of what “community” I belong to. Right now, it’s “grouchy curmudgeon.”

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