Wyoming Bar gets the gays after them, for excluding them from drink specials…

A Wyoming bar is getting majorly bitch slapped after a weekly promotion excluded gay couples from participating in their drink specials. And their ain’t nothing more fierce than a scorned gay…

Earlier this month, the Outlaw Saloon in Cheyenne began inviting unattached folks to enjoy a free “ice-breaker” drink on Wednesdays if they meet someone they click with. But even before the “singles night” was announced, signs went up declaring “No same sex couples may participate in our Wednesday night promotion!!”

When the gays caught wind of this they launched  and blew up Facebook and Yelp. The bar caught wind of it faster than a shot of jack and had this to say.

Manager Brandi Johanson says the signs were only there to avoid friends pretending to be gay say they met at the bar and wanted a drink. “[There is] no intention whatsoever of offending anyone or discriminating against anyone.”

“Let us be clear: we are not discriminating against the gay/lesbian/transsexual community. This promotion simply means to get single individuals to come to our bar and encourage them to mingle with each other. But the leaflet we posted outlining the event was far too vague and obscure. Consequently, it elicited a ton of public outrage in a brief period of time. The sign we posted was never designed to exclude any member of our community.

The meaning behind stating that people of the same sex were not allowed to participate is not to enable friends to come in, feign that they’re homosexual and claim that they just met so that one can buy a drink and claim a free one for the other single person. Anyone who frequents the bar should know that plenty of same-sex couples come in and enjoy the atmosphere. They’re some of our best patrons…

It has become clear we should have posted nothing at all.Please understand we are not an ignorant, hate-generating establishment. The Outlaw Saloon has no interest in alienating anybody. We honor our patrons of the gay/lesbian/transsexual community and hope to always have your business and your good company.”

via WY Bar Gets In Hot Water For Dissing Gay Patrons On Singles Night / Queerty.

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