Vatican plans stronger fight against gay marriage after U.S. sweep, but no problem hiding child raping priests…

The Vatican, is amping up its fight against gay marriage after an election night gay marriage sweep in the U.S. and Spain’s highest court upholding gay marriage and France working its way towards it.  

For the second consecutive day, Vatican media weighed in with forceful editorials restating the Roman Catholic Church’s unequivocal opposition.

“It is clear that in Western countries there is a widespread tendency to modify the classic vision of marriage between a man and woman, or rather to try to give it up, erasing its specific and privileged legal recognition compared to other forms of union,” Father Federico Lombardi, said in a tough editorial on Vatican Radio.

I believe he forgot to ad, that although the Vatican is against gay marriage, it will not have any affect on their true passion, protecting child raping priests…


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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac11-12-2012

    they are not against gay unions in any form or name, they are simply against the existence of gay folks whatsoever — they want us gone, as “intrinsically evil” — they are not fighting to “protect marriage” they are fighting for the elimination of gay folks — the cads. They can’t even be honest about what the hell they want.

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