The Catholic Church spends $2 million to fight gay marriage and FAILS hard…

The Catholic Church and their butt buddies, the Knights of the KKK of Columbus and NOM did their best to fight gay marriage in 4 states this past election but failed like a priest trying to prevent a chub in a male jr high school locker room. 

The Roman Catholic Church and its affiliate, the Knights of Columbus, played a leading role in funding anti-LGBT equality efforts in the four states where marriage equality was on the ballot this fall. The Church hierarchy invested nearly $2 million in the failed attempts to write discrimination into the Minnesota constitution and stem marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, and Washington. Dioceses from across the country supported these efforts financially, thought it’s doubtful that the parishioners fueling these contributions had any idea that their money was being used to fund discrimination.

According to Public Religion Research Institute, nearly 60 percent of Catholics support marriage equality. And an astounding 83 percent of Catholics in the United States say they don’t feel compelled to vote in accordance with the political preaching of bishops. These numbers from the laity represent people who, whether they know it or not, are living out their faith daily – Catholic social teaching promotes treating everyone with love, dignity, and respect.

via NOM Exposed | Human Rights Campaign.

  1. Darkhog

    That just great! They can pay that much money to stop gay marriage, but they don’t want to pay when one of the priest, molest the little boys, and deny it years later when that boy is ate up with confusion. Wow!!!

  2. Spyke

    Nice picture. He really is the most insanely evil looking Pope we’ve ever had!

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