Outed Republican Sheriff Paul Babeu, Wins Re-Election…

Remember outed scandal ridden, underwear posing Paul Babeu, the Sheriff of Pinal County, Ariz., well he has won his re-election with 53.8% of the vote.

“A lot of you have been family to me and have stood by me through thick and through thin,” Babeu told supporters following the announcement of his win, the Casa Grande Dispatch reports. “I can tell you there’s been some dark days, but I knew you were there with me. I knew that you had my back and you wouldn’t leave me.”

 Babeu was Accused of threatening to deport his ex-boyfriend if he wouldn’t keep silent about their relationship, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who is a Republican candidate (doing his best ken Mehlman )for Congress in Arizona, has quit his post with the Mitt Romney campaign today.

He at one point ran a school for troubled teens and his sister claims he was in a relationship with a teenager, however to the teen was the legal age of consent. 

via Outed Republican Sheriff Wins Re-Election | Advocate.com.

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    This guy love drama, and I’m beginning to like this guy. Strangely enough!

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