OMG: Flipping Out Star Jeff Lewis Sues Jenni for Possible Confidentiality Breach…

No! Say it isn’t so! We are hoping this is a publicity stunt. “Flipping Outs” Jeff Lewis has filed suit against his side kick Jenny Pulos over what he claims of confidentiality breaches. 

Lewis filed suit against Pulos, his co-star on the show, and her literary agents in Los Angeles County Superior Court, fearing that an upcoming book she is writing may paint a nasty picture of him.He asked the judge for an injunction on the book, alleging that it may reveal “trade secrets and private information” about his personal life, according to court documents obtained Thursday by TheWrap.

“In her employment with Jeff for these many years, Jenni has become privy to both trade secrets and other confidential information relating to the operation of the plaintiff businesses as well as highly confidential personal and private information relating to Jeffs personal life and business dealings,” the suit says.

Never did we think this relationship would end…wtf? Well i guess if Madonna and Sandra can, anything is possible…Now that’s old school…

via Flipping Out Star Jeff Lewis Sues Assistant for Possible Confidentiality Breach | TheWrap TV.

  1. Sozo

    I really hope they can work it out, they’ve been friends forever. I think now that Jenny is married she’s less dependant on Jeff and isn’t willing to put up with his antics. I still love Jeff though.

    • Izzoiz

      me too! on both

  2. mojo

    Just another publicity stunt. Anyone who believes anything on reality tv is real is really naive. All this nonsense is staged either by producers or by the “stars” themselves to self-promote. He might be as much of a douchebag as he is portrayed on the show, but all the “flipping out” is just for the cameras. Why else would anyone in their right mind put up with that moron or his dreadful boyfriend..

  3. Jon

    I bet the boyfriend Gage has something to do with the law suit lol!

  4. Bobby Milford
    Bobby Milford11-24-2012

    WHO CARES? Two of the worst examples of humans ever.

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