Here is the skinny on the Best boxer briefs for men…

Here is the low down on the best boxer briefs for men. Now i think they should have focused on nut comfort, but they keep it pretty generalized. However some pairs go for as much as $65 dollars! bitch please. A teabag and blow out better come with that…









The Upscale

These here trunks from Paul Smith aren’t “designed” so much as they’re engineered. They’re trim, but they don’t bunch up (thanks to that four-button front). Nice striped detailing up at the hem, too.

Four-button trunks ($65) by Paul Smith,

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac11-11-2012

    to spend $65 for one pair of undies is ludicrous. For %6.50 I can get three pairs that fit just fine, nut comforting and unbunching — egad.

    • Izzoiz


  2. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac11-12-2012

    glad I made you giggle on that one :)

  3. dw

    omg … i just switched to Old Navy boxer briefs. Im quite satisfied with them.

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