Ex-footballer Ian Bishop: Rumors of him being in gay relationship with fellow player, ruined his career…

Former footballer  for Everton and Manchester City, Ian Bishop says that rumors of him being a relationship with player Trevor Morley, kept his career form advancing to the pros.

Biship now 47 says  it  “hurt” because “it affected my life”.

Bishop, who now lives in America, suffered homophobic taunts at away grounds and claims that the issue could have prevented him from representing his country.

“Nothing against gay people. People are free to be what they want and there’s no issue. It didn’t hurt me to be called it – it hurt me because it affected my life,” Bishop said.

via Ex-footballer: Gay rumours ‘hurt’ my career – PinkNews.co.uk.

  1. Darkhog

    If someone is gay, straight, or other; Please let them tell you on their own, and not get your information from others, unless you see, or in it yourself. People words hurt more than just lives, it hurts futures.

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