Boo! San Francisco Officials Ban Public Nudity…Evil Queen behind it…

Because one little queen had a bee in his bonnet, San Fran has now banned what was part of why the city was so great. Scott Wiener, yes insert every joke you can here, who was offended by cock rings seen on some nudists, decided to make it his goal to ban public nudity. Wiener who is openly gay should be ashamed of himself or maybe not. I wonder if this ban had less to do with cock rings and more to do with Wiener’s wiener not measuring up? ;)

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 6 to 5 on Tuesday to approve a ban on public nudity. The vote means that there will be no more lounging nude in the city’s plazas, parading up and down city streets sans pants or riding subways and buses bare-bottomed.

Scott Wiener, a city supervisor who represents the Castro district, introduced the ordinance after an increase in the number of habitual nudists and a rise in complaints from residents and business owners.

“The nudity situation in the Castro has become extreme,” Mr. Wiener told his colleagues.

Wiener has made our douche bag of the day title…

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  1. Darkhog

    Well wouldn’t you know. The same place that opened doors, to rights for all gay rights beginnings, is starting to close the door on people being people and free. Well, I wouldn’t walk around buck ass naked, or want to see guys walking around nude with cockrings, either… But if I was in a city that this happened in, lived in an area where this happened everyday. Dammit!!! I’d look my ass off, drool at all the scenery, and one day, be proud to go out side butt ass naked to get the morning paper. You can sweat through clothes and don’t worry about wiping down the seat after that person got up, or hug someone with clothes on who just sneezed on their clothes. WTH, people, come on, I’d move first before I tried to change other’s rights, or just learn to deal with it. The more we involve government in our lives, the more we lose ourselves to the right to be free. Think about it, before you want someone else to do something about it.

  2. Seth

    Boo hoo, what a complete non-issue. The fact that many cannot grasp the difference between nudists and sexual exhibitionists was the downfall of public nudity in San Francisco. Cock rings are sexual paraphernalia, plain and simple, and so many who would have supported nudists were not willing to support sexual exhibitionism. I love a a naked man as much as the next queer but this pushing of the limits just to push the limits is juvenile and self-defeating.

    • Alex


  3. FrankInSFO

    Supervisor Wiener is only acting because his constituents are voicing their objections. Your childish name-calling shows your lack of understanding the real issue. Your calling him a queen is offensive. And by the way, this legislation was ultimately passed by Wiener PLUS five other Supervisors.

    • Izzoiz

      who was the most vocal about it?? As far as the queen comment goes, it was tongue and cheek. it’s all about having a sense of humor…

  4. dw

    its been said by many that if the gentlemen who were nude in the Castro were more “attractive”, this would never have come up.

    • Izzoiz

      lols!!! love it

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