Tony Perkins suggest that DADT Repeal causing Military to not implement voting sites…WTF? BORING!!!

Anti-gay mega douche- obsessed with everything gay Perkins, is suggesting that the U.S. Military has been so overwhelmed with implementing DADT that voting sites for troops are not up and running because of it.

“Could it be that the military was focusing its energies elsewhere, for instance, in the implementation of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and so most of the command’s focus and attention was on implementing the president’s social agenda as opposed to preserving those basic constitutional rights?,” Perkins “asks.”

First off, the majority of the country supported the repeal of DADT. It is now over a year since it’s “death” and as we all knew there was no fall out and certainly the world did not end. Although it is scheduled for that on December 22. DADT is now barely a pube in a bathhouse shower drain, not to mention on any American’s brain. It is SOOOOOOOOO last year. Perkins apparently has serious issues with letting go. Especially of ALL THINGS GAY.

Tony, take the dick out of your ass and just come out already. I mean this compulsive fetish you have with the gays is so foot tapping Larry Craig esque, that quit frankly it’s boring. Anti-gay closet case down low married men were exciting up until about 5 years ago, it is now as pathetic and yawn inducing as Madonna flashing her nipple…

via Tony Perkins: DADT Repeal So Overwhelming Military Has No Time To Facilitate Voting? | The New Civil Rights Movement.

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