Tony Perkins: Beggs for Pastors to urge their followers to vote against gay marriage…Boring…

Free teabags…

Tony Perkins, president of the Evil HATE GROUP Family Research Council, is on his “knees” sucking begging for pastors in Maine to fight the gay marriage referendum on the ballot in November.  Because “the future of the family Maine” may become extinct.

“Get out the vote. Make a determined effort to remind your people of their responsibility as Christian citizens to participate in government,”  “As Christian we have a responsibility,” he adds.

“Our religious liberty is in jeopardy,” “Our children’s education hangs in the balance… The future of the family in Maine depends upon you and your church.”

Tony Tony full of baloney, begging on his knees or bending over for ???

Their is an audio for this, however i am so tired of hearing the shitz fly out of his pie hole of hate that i am not even going to bother posting hit. However i do feel every time he opens his hate piece, his over used red eye should be exposed…

via Tony Perkins: ‘Future Of The Family’ Depends On Churches Voting Against Gay Marriage | The New Civil Rights Movement.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-13-2012

    Egad, gay folks really are the lynch pin the survival of heterosexuality — why, to hear this man tell it the only good thing about being straight is that one is not gay. Does he have no positive things to say about heterosexuality? Or is everything always cast as “gays are destroying our feeble heterosexuality”?

    • Huh?

      It’s because he’s a bigoted piece of shit. It’s a simple as that. These types of scumbags have been hiding behind biblical doctrine for thousands of years.

      The reaction should simply be “he’s entitled to his opinion” or “freedom of religion”. That’s what he’s depending on. That’s how he exists. He should be on trial for hate crime charges.

  2. Huh?

    Meant to say…”the reaction should NOT simply be…”

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