Something wicked this way comes…Sandy…

Grand Central Station

I am on the East Coast in CT bracing for the storm. Right now the wind is kicking in. So if the power goes out i will blogging from my phone…Here are two eerie pics of New York’s Grand Central Station and Time Square subway. Both are shut down anticipating the “Perfect Storm” to understand the freakishness of these human-less pics, hundreds of thousands of people pass through these two transit stations daily. They are two of the big apples travel ports. 

Everyone in the path of the storm, be safe!





  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-29-2012

    Ah, not that eerie, I’ve seen them that empty before — like, oh, 30 AM on a Monday after New Year”s Eve. Sorry, I lived in NYC for way too long to think empty stations, even GC, is weird —

    Now, if people were sleeping down there, for shelter – eerie —

    Or two or three gay men couples kissing in the middle of a busy day — eerie

    But empty? Eh.

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