Sell Out, Gay GOP Mayoral Candidate accepts money from Prop 8 supporters…

I think self loathing would be more appropriate…

Openly gay Republican Carl DeMaio is getting the cold shoulder from the San Diego LGBT community in his mayoral race. To break it down, he is not liked! 

DeMaio has been notoriously quiet on LGBT issues and has accepted campaign donations from supporters of Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California. While former Mayor Jerry Sanders campaigned aggressively against Prop 8 four years ago, DeMaio remained silent on the issue as he ran for City Council in a conservative district. Though DeMaio has since stated his support for gay marriage, he  has insisted that gay rights would not be a priority as mayor.

“I’m proud of San Diego that sexual orientation has not played an issue in this race,” DeMaio told The New York Times. “I’ve been running on fiscal reforms and prosperity to create jobs. That’s the agenda that I think has brought so many diverse groups together.”

via Gay GOP Mayoral Candidate Facing Opposition From San Diego LGBT Community / Queerty.

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