College student Rebecca Julius,Wears Anti-Gay ‘Sin Is Sin’ T-Shirt and is proud of it…

dumb is dumb

Well i always say that if you are going to do something, be proud of it. Even if you doing it reveals you to be an ignorant dumbass…

Concordia College senior Rebecca Julius is fed up with the schools Straight Gay Alliance which sells pro-gay marriage t-shirts that read “love is love” . So she has taken it upon herself like “the legend of Billy Jean” to shout “Fair is Fair” and sport anti-gay shirts that say “sin is sin”.

The Norma Rae of Concordia, had this to say:

“I don’t identify with all these people that say homosexuality is a perfectly acceptable way to live; that’s not me,” Julius, a devout Wisconsin Synod Lutheran, tells writer Sasha Aslanian. “So the reason I wanted to do this T-shirt was one, to stand up for God’s word because I feel like it’s getting completely trampled in this place that’s supposed to be Christian and two, to just separate myself from it and not give anybody the impression that this what I believe.”

Aslanian notes that Julius’ design was made in direct response to Concordia College’s Straight and Gay Alliance, members of which have been selling “Love is Love” T-shirts in celebration of National Coming Out Week. While the design has received a mix response from fellow students, Julius remains firm.

“I’ve definitely felt alone at more than one point on campus and I feel like I don’t necessarily fit the ‘Cobber mode’ but that’s OK with me because I know where I stand with my faith,” she said, before noting that “I also know that God is proud of what I’m trying to do for him.”

Honey, let me school your dumbass. God is not proud of ANYONE who promotes hate and discrimination and you my dear stupido, is a prime example. 

via Rebecca Julius, Concordia College Student, Wears Anti-Gay ‘Sin Is Sin’ T-Shirt.

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