Olympic Diver Hottie, Tom Daley gets naked in order for you to follow him on Keek…

Mega cutie Olympic diver Tom Daley dropped trou to urge people (lets face it, gay men) to follow him on something called Keek? As computer savvy as i am, i have not heard of this one but i will say there is no better way for a company to get followers than to have Tommy D almost naked with a sign over his privates…

Update: Keek is a video esque twitter…Technology just never ends!


via PHOTO: What’s “Keek”? If It Gets Tom Daley Naked We Don’t Care / Queerty.

  1. michael

    you may want to edit the title….

    • Izzoiz

      Oops! typed to fast ;)

  2. Darkhog

    Now where do Tom want me to follow him to? Was it his bedroom? I just can’t think with that much skin showing.

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