NY Jets Owner asked by hosts if Tim Tebow is still a Virgin…lols

When NY Jets owner Woody Johnson went on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”  and was asked if Tim Tebow was still a virgin, Johnson took the surprise question in stride and simply answered “We don’t really go into that” . Lols. 

But what does he mean by “really”? Do they sometimes talk about it?? ;)

Johnson was talking Jets football, when Becky Quick asked if Tebow will remain on the team next year.

But right after Johnson gives his answer, guest host Richard LeFrak chimed in and said, “Do you know … is he still a virgin?”

Another host added, “Enquiring minds want to know.” Someone else says, “We ask the tough questions.”

Johnson replied, “We don’t really go into that.”

then the hosts laughed over their silliness. 

Here is my humble opinion. A strapping healthy male athlete at 23 or 24 being a virgin is beyond strange to me. Either he is lying or there is something else going on their. ;)

watch the video at link below.

via NY Jets Owner — Hammered About Tim Tebow’s VIRGINITY on CNBC | TMZ.com.

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