Nudists Plan Rally Against Possible Nudity Ban in San Fran…

All it takes is one little queen with a bee in her bonnet.  Nudists plan to protest openly gay Supervisor Scott Wiener’s proposed ban on public nudity in the Castro. Wiener (jokes please) apparently does not have the issue with seeing penis, but has some kind of freak issue with cock rings being warn. 

So a dick swinging in his face is fine, but put a ring on it and her bottom falls out…Wtf lady?

So if you plan to protest this tools ban, which you should, hit up their FB page, Rally for nudity for details…

via Nudists To Hold Revealing Rally Against Possible Nudity Ban: SFist.

  1. dw

    im sure if the 2 hotties in the picture were protesting, Mr Weiner would have no issues

  2. Jared

    I agree the ban is stupid, but what puzzles me more, is the fact that the pic is censored………..

    • Izzoiz

      lol. this is a “family” friendly site…;)

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