Must WATCH: Gay Member Of Fraternity Marries Boyfriend, video goes bonkers and hater leaves nasty comment…

Robert Brown III  married Nathanael Gay, a member of the traditionally African-American fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. Their nuptiuals were videoed and became a big hit on the old You Tube to the tune of  340,000 views. However there were some nasty comments and this was one of them.

A bigoted scumbag had this to say:  “If you’re gay, then do you… But please!!!! Leave Kappa Alpha Psi out of your bullshit!”

“then do you” wtf?  Weak bitch…

Brown responded:

would you leave your fraternity out of your wedding? why would you expect my husband to exclude his? in any case, we didn’t bring KAPsi into our wedding. to suggest that i would plan my wedding around a fraternity is insulting. he simply posed for a picture with his sands at the reception. i’ve seen that done at strip clubs, parties, everywhere. not sure why it’s a problem in this case. get over yourself.



via WATCH: Gay Member Of Fraternity Marries Boyfriend, Goes Viral / Queerty.

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