Masked men attack Moscow Gay Club during coming out party…

Masked men stormed a gay club, injuring three people in what independent monitors say was the seventh violent attack against gays reported this year.

Police said they were scanning security camera footage of the Thursday night attack to identify the attackers, whose faces could be seen briefly before donning their masks and hoods.

The attackers wearing medical masks and hoods broke in the 7 Freedays club late Thursday during a “Coming Out” party, the club’s art director Viktoriya Soto said Friday. The attack appeared to have been well-organized and that the attackers were “especially aggressive” toward women, she said.

A woman was taken to the hospital for glass in her eye…

What effing animals. Russia is very anti-gay with St. Petersburg passing an anti-gay propaganda law. Which makes it a fine of up to $1000,000 if minors are taught about anything LGBT. 

via 3 Russians Injured in Attack on Moscow Gay Club – ABC News.

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