Male model flight attendents and Mandatory Boxer Briefs, Insantiy On board the Abercrombie & Fitch Private Jet

Honey, lay off the plastic, it’s hideous…

This is one of those Mommie Dearest, small dick complex, aging old queen ego desperately trying to stay young moments. Sounds like a particular bar owner in West Hollywood everyone knows… ;)    

According to the scandalous documents revealed by Bloomberg today, A&F’s plastic face  68-year-old CEO Mike Jeffries has a severe Joan Crawford complex. 

The 40+ page “Aircraft Standards” manual used by employees working aboard the company’s corporate jet was introduced as evidence in a lawsuit filed in 2010 by one of Jeffries former pilots (now 55) who claimed he was fired on the basis of age discrimination and replaced by a younger man.

Flight attendants are hired by a New York-based company called Cosmopolitan Management that provides models and actors “with just the right look and personality [because] appearances do make a difference,” to work as event staff, trade show hosts, and personal assistants. The same company also provides staff for Jeffries’ home.

While flying the frantic skies, flight attendants are instructed not to use the phrases “sure” or “just a minute” when addressing either Jeffries or his partner Matthew Smith. Instead, they are instructed to respond to requests by saying “no problem.” Problems are not permitted.

Crew members are provided with the standard uniform of the guy with rage issues questioning his sexuality on every season of The Real World: boxer briefs, jeans, polo shirts, flip flops (to be worn in flight and when greeting passengers), a belt, a winter coat, a hat, gloves, sunglasses, and sweatshirts.

They are instructed to spritz these items with Abercrombie & Fitch 41 cologne “throughout the duration” of their shifts.

Winter is when things get complicated. Staff members are only permitted to wear their coats when it is 50 degrees or colder, and collar popping is mandatory (come correct). Buttons and zippers might as well have their own manual:

“Zip the jacket up to the fourth button from the bottom. The lowest button should be left undone, but the next three buttons up should be fastened.”

Ok WTF? These are the type of people i really could bitch slap. This douche and i would not last 2 seconds in the cock pit. Yes cock pit ;)

click below for the rest of the inanities  like certain songs that have to play and where their dogs have to sleep. What i find more sad, is the desperateness of the young men who will allow themselves to be demoralized like this…

via Mandatory Boxer Briefs, Takeoff Songs, and Dog Hierarchy: Life Aboard the Abercrombie & Fitch Private Jet.

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