Hero Dad protests school after his bullied teen is suspended for standing up to bully…

Randy Duke, a 20-year law enforcement vet, only has a few weeks to spend with his family before heading back to Afghanistan to train police officers, and he definitely didn’t plan on spending most of it outside his son’s school holding a sign saying “Bullying Victims are Punished Here.”

But after Max, 13, was suspended for standing up to a bully and defending a special needs student, Duke felt he had no choice.

According to Duke, Max who had been also a victim of the same bully, reached his breaking point when the eighth grader destroyed an expert paper plane the teen had made for a special needs classmate.

“So Max just looked up and said, ‘What the hell?’ and this guy shoved him,” Duke told KHOU. “Max had had enough. And that just snapped him, and he shoved back and they started into it.”

Officials at Cade Middle School decided a brutal punishment was more appropriate than to make it a more teachable moment.  A two-day suspension, 30 days at an alternative school, and a ban on joining the high school band when they marched during football games.

For standing up to a bully? Wtf?

However Randy took matters into his own hands and after protesting outside the school, officials relented and Max was re-enrolled and allowed to march with the band. 

Why was this bully even allowed to go on with his crap for this long?

via Teen Suspended for Standing Up to Longtime Bully Back In Class After Dad Spends Days Protesting Outside School.

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