Fred Karger want’s hate group NOM held in contempt…

Former Gay Republican presidential runner Fred Karger sent a letter to a federal judge asking that the National Organization for Marriage to be held in contempt of court, for not releasing the names of its donors after the U.S. Supreme court ruled that they must. 

Karger last week sent a letter to a federal judge asking that NOM be held in contempt for failing to disclose the names of those who donated to it in this election cycle, Maine’s Portland Press Herald reports.

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld Maine’s law requiring the identification of donors who give for a specific political purpose, and state officials are investigating to see if NOM’s contributors fell into that category. NOM has said donors would be vulnerable to harassment if their names were made public and that disclosure laws violate the First Amendment.

Honey, if have you vote in favor of discrimination then you should have the balls to show your face…

“NOM continues to thumb its nose at Maine elections laws,” Karger wrote Judge D. Brock Hornby. “Some sort of meaningful action needs to be taken immediately to avoid NOM skirting the law yet again in Maine.”

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-23-2012

    No one has ever harassed anyone donating money to NOM — which is what several courts found — that the claim of “potential harassment” is unfounded. Meanwhile, NOM has so few donors, and mostly big institutions at that, that they are afraid to let anyone see that they have at most 100 or so donors total — NOM should be thanking gay people every day for giving them a job.

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